14mm Male Hitman Brilliance / Turbine CLEARANCE


$ 289.00 $ 700.00

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  • Reinforced Stemless Design
  • Bent Neck Mouthpiece with Flared Lip
  • Includes Black Lip on Base and Mouthpiece
  • Perc: Brillance Perc (designed by Steve Bates)
  • Turbine Splash Guard
  • Slide Joint: 14mm Male
  • Top Load Vapor Dome with Hitman Black Label
  • Vapor Dome Joint: 14mm Female
  • Height to Top of Mouthpiece: 9.00 inches
  • Height to Top of Vapor Dome: 7.00 inches
  • Base Diameter: 3.00 inches
  • Logos: Hitman Red Labels

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